Hainanese Kaya

You might be wondering why some of the kayas are brown and why some are green. Let me tell you. The green kaya is known as the Nonya Kaya and because of the pandan leaves it make the kaya green, whereas the brown kaya is called the Hainanese Kaya. It looks brown because the sugar that uses to make the kaya is caramelized before adding into the mixture to make the Hainanese Kaya.

The Hainanese Kaya passed down to the generation tastes a little sweeter as more sugars are used in making the kaya. It will definitely bring the consumers back to their childhood times when they used to have the Hainanese Kaya for breakfast when they are young.

hainanese kayaIngredients:
1 Cup Coconut milk
2 Cups Brown Sugar/ Caramelized Sugar
8 Eggs
Pandan leaves depend on your choice

The making of Hainanese Kaya is also easy just like the making of Nonya Kaya. The egg, coconut and sugar are mixed and stir continuously over direct low heat or a double boiler until a jam-like thickness is formed. The recipe using this technique needs more sugar as it helps to slow down coagulation and minimize graininess.

For the authentic kaya lovers or for those who prefer a sweeter version of kaya, you can try making your own kaya using this recipe and method.

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